Principal Fogarty speaking with parents at a meeting

About Me

I joined Rochester Public Schools in 1999 and served in many roles leading to my principalship at Century High School. 

My wife, Tracey and I, are both products of the Rochester Public Schools, graduating from Mayo High School. We knew we wanted to raise our children in Rochester and wanted them to attend Rochester Public Schools. I owe so much to the Rochester Public Schools and it is a distinct honor to serve our youth.

What's the best part about being the Principal?

The best part is visiting with our students, observing classrooms to watch our students and teachers interacting, and attending school events.

My favorite thing about Century:

My favorite thing about Century High School is our students. They are an absolute joy to work with and serve each day. Their uniqueness and kindness towards each other makes Century a really great place to be.  Our school community is committed to the overall wellness-physical, mental, social, and emotional wellness for each student. We have a highly dedicated staff that strives to ensure all students thrive.

If you wish to learn more about Century High School, please contact me at your convenience.  I can be reached by email or by phone, (507) 328-5105.

Principal Chris Fogarty