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Front-Face of the Century Building

Century High School

2525 Viola Rd. NE, 
Rochester, MN 55906
Phone Line: (507) 328-5100
Fax Line: (507) 328-5045

Dawn Faupel
Office Manager
(507) 328-5105 | Email
Frequently Used Phone Numbers:

Activities Office: (507) 328-5140
Attendance Office: (507) 328-5111
Automated Attendance Line: (507) 328-5110
Guidance Office: (507) 328-5051
Main Office: (507) 328-5100


Nurses Office: (507) 328-5120
Principal's Office: (507) 328-5105
School Store: (507) 328-5060
Resource Officer: (507) 328-5054



Please report all absences to the attendance line: (507) 328-5110 or attendance office: (507) 328-5111.

Attendance Information

  • Notes are not accepted for students absences.
  • Students need to check into the attendance office when arriving late or returning from an appointment.
  • Students check out through the nurse’s office when ill.
  • A blue pass issued by the attendance office is required to leave class early.
  • Lunch hours are closed campus to grades 9 and 10.
  • Students will be pre-excused for sports and field trips by their teachers and coaches. Parents or guardians do not need to call the attendance office.
  • Students, parents, or guardians have 48 hours to clear up unexcused absences.
  • If the absence is in error, students stop by the attendance office and pick up a slip to have their teacher verify and return to the attendance office.
  • Finals are held at the end of the 1st and 2nd Semester. Refer to the final schedule that is posted prior to finals. All students are required to remain in class during the entire final hour. To avoid disruptions, students will not be allowed to leave a final early. If there is a conflict with a scheduled final, please see the principal for approval to reschedule.



School buses begin pick up

School buses arrive at school

School day starts *Early Dismissal School day end time End of day bus loading time
6:30 AM 7:40-7:30 AM 7:40 AM 11:00 AM 3:03 PM 3:03-3:10 PM

*During Early Dismissal, lunch will be provided.


Attendance Policy 503A

It is the student’s right to be in school. It is also the student’s responsibility to attend all assigned classes and study halls every day that school is in session and to be aware of and follow the correct procedures when absent from an assigned class or study hall. At the secondary level, it is the student’s responsibility to request any missed assignments due to an absence. At the elementary level, it is a shared responsibility between the parent/guardian, teacher, and student to request any missed assignments due to an absence.

Excused/Unexcused Absences

Excused Absences

Work missed during an excused absence must be made up for credit to be granted. Excused absences include the following categories:

  • Illness
  • Serious illness in the student’s immediate family
  • A death in the student’s immediate family or of a close friend or relative
  • Acute or emergency medical or dental treatment
  • Court appearances occasioned by family or personal action.
  • Religious instruction not to exceed three hours in any week
  • Physical emergency conditions such as fire, flood, storm, etc…
  • Removal of a student pursuant to a suspension. Suspensions are to be handled as excused absences and students will be permitted to complete make-up work
  • Religious holidays

The following reasons may be sufficient to constitute excused absences but will be limited on mandated federal and state testing days unless specific arrangements with building administration have been made which include confirmation of attendance on make-up testing days.

  1. Routine medical and dental appointments
  2. Official school field trip or other school-sponsored outings
  3. Work at home not to exceed 3 days per semester
  4. Pre-arranged travel


Unexcused Absences

All unauthorized absences are unexcused absences. Any absences not verified within two (2) school days after a student returns to school will be considered unexcused. Work missed during unexcused absences must be made-up, however, credit may not be granted. Unexcused absences may result in disciplinary action.


At the elementary level, a student arriving 15 minutes late for school is considered tardy. Beyond 15 minutes, the student is marked unexcused absent for the morning period. At both the elementary and secondary levels, three tardies equal one unexcused absence.

Make-up Work

At the elementary level, parents and or guardians, teachers, and students will work together to address missed assignments due to absence. Generally, two days for each day absent is allowed for make-up work.

Daily Schedules

Regular Schedule

Period 1 7:40-8:30AM
Announcements 8:35-8:40AM
Period 2 8:40-9:30AM
Period 3 9:35-10:25AM
Period 4 | Lunch 10:30-11:20AM
Period 5 | Lunch 11:25AM-12:15PM
Period 6 | Lunch 12:20-1:10PM
Period 7 1:15-2:07PM
Period 8 2:12-3:03PM


Tuesday Advisory Schedule

Staff Time 7:20-8:05AM
Period 1 8:10-8:54AM
Announcements 8:59-9:04AM
Period 2 9:04-9:47AM
Advisory 9:52-10:10AM
Period 3 10:15-10:59AM
Period 4 | Lunch 11:04-11:48AM
Period 5 | Lunch 11:53AM-12:37PM
Period 6 | Lunch 12:42-1:26PM
Period 7 1:31-2:15PM
Period 8 2:20-3:03PM